The anti-vaxxers really anger and befuddle me


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The press loves to criticize the deep South. We in Alabama have many health problems. But we are number 3 in the country for vaccinations!

I do not have personal experience with the anti-vaxxers. My colleagues in other states tell me that many of these fools are well-educated. Obviously they are anti-science. I believe that many such vaccine deniers believe that diet and supplements will trump modern medicine.

The striking rise in measles is directly attributable to this ignorant selfishness. I am having difficulty explaining how angry this makes me. We had virtually eliminated this childhood illness until this cult of ignorance convinced others that vaccines put kids a danger. They are wrong and children are suffering from their pseudoscience.

Damn I’m angry.

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I share your feelings, but I’ve been blogging on this topic for years, and I do have personal experiences with anti-vaxers. And I can tell you that anger is the least productive emotion to bring to the situation:

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