Cannabis schizophrenia link?


Category : Medical Rants

Cannabis link to schizophrenia

Two recent studies have shown that heavy use of cannabis is associated with a fourfold increased risk of developing the mental illness.

“There are some dangers to using high doses of cannabis that people need to know about,” said Dr Deepak Cyril D’Souza, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine.

He said there was concern in the medical profession that people who smoke large amounts of cannabis for a long period of time are at higher risk of developing schizophrenia.

This needs to be kept in mind in the testing of new cannabis-based medicines, he added.

This raises a legitimate concern about heavy marijuana use. Perhaps cannabis, like many other drugs, has dose related side effects. If we are to use it for patients, we must understand those dose relationships.

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Comments (13)

i read the story, and didn’t see any indication of what “a long period of time” was, or even what “heavy use” of cannibis was.

i would submit that “heavy use” of alcohol “for a long period of time,” or “heavy use” of inhaled nicotine for a “long period of time,” or even pretty much “heavy use” of any prescription drug for “a long period of time” would be detrimental to one’s health.

“The use of cannabis is not thought to be a primary cause of schizophrenia, although there is strong evidence to suggest that it can trigger the onset of mental illness in some people with a prior disposition. “

just as the use of alcohol is not thought to be a primary cause of domestic abuse, although there is strong evidence to suggest that it can trigger the onset of such abuse in some people with a prior disposition.

just my opinion.

Skippy, it seems to me you are mixing drugs and diseases–the article was confined to cannabis and schizophrenia–I would agree, as you suggest,that heavy and prolonged alcohol and/or nicotine use has extremely deleterious effects on ones health–it just is not schizophrenia–however, there is substantial, anecdotal, clinical, and research evidence that heavy cannabis use may percipitate or aggravate the onset of schizophrenic symptoms–Like most drugs–cannabis is neither a silver bullet nor the devil weed–but it is a drug. I am not sure of the purpose of your post–the fact that two commonly abused drugs have serious health consequences does not make a third drug less problematic– Take Care Frank

People stop blazin da PO PO. Its no goood. Man from south WOT!!!!

My brother was diagnosed as Schizophrenic nearly twenty years ago. He had been smoking cannibis quite heavily for four to five years before he started showing signs. Yes, I do believe he may have developed it anyway, but I never smoke cannibis as it’s just not worth the risk.



any one thats acually got proof of marijuana linking to schizophrenia please write to me @

any one thats acually got proof of marijuana linking to schizophrenia please write to me @

any one thats acually got proof of marijuana linking to schizophrenia please write to me @

Quite worrying, but there is no indication as to how how long or how heavy you smoke, to give you a possible onset

just browsing through a search and came to this page. i am a researcher in clinical psychiatry. i have been searching the literature on cannabis’ effects on schizophrenia specifically. i want everyone to know that there is a huge contradiction in the texts. some have found that cannabis is a precoursor to schizotypal breaks in the predispositioned subjects… and, also that schizophrenic patients find relief from the negative symptoms of the illness when they use cannabis. it has been consistently documented that patients that use alcohol or cannabis have often less cognitive difficulties than the non using patients. the best advice i could offer is to know your limits. if there is a history of mental illness in the family.. then, be extra careful. if someone has adverse effects while using cannabis… for heavens sake.. stop using! and.. as far as the use of cannabis derrived meds, i think there is too much we dont know about our brains and nervous systems and for that matter, our psyches’ to say that we will see this any time soon. however.. there is no reason to keep stomping this issue into the ground. cannabis will be here for the rest of our planetary existence. schizophrenia will be better understood in the near future. and.. the two issues will be looked back upon when i’m grey and old.. and i will laugh at our impatience!

ps…… i have found in the research of medicinal plants, specifically cannabis… that the metabolism of its chemicals in our bodies is so fine tuned… so complete in the way of no side effects of any real significance, that i truely believe it to be one of the plants to really go after in a clinical setting. there are many other psychoactive plants out there that havent even been discovered. it is our human right and responsability to find these.. study them.. and put them to use. we have spent way too long trying to work “with” a govenment that doesnt have the peoples best intrests. the war on drugs is a hoax! a huge money maker for the government at all of its lame levels. people. it is time for wellness! be free in your minds. hearts. and souls. does anyone out there hear me?

When I was 19 I smoked some grass with a friend. It wasn’t the first time, but I was by no means a heavy user and had no history of mental illness in my family. Suddenly, the radio began a running commentary on my life, I thought my friend was an angel, and I thought I was literally in hell. The movie Jacob’s Ladder is very similar to what I went through. This psychotic episode lasted for an entire month. The word ‘terrifying’ doesn’t begin to describe the experience.

It went away and I’ve had no such symptoms since, 13 years later. I was very lucky.

I know that there is a link between marijuana & schizophrenia. And like cancer or car accidents, though there are risk factors, I don’t think that any of us can say with certainty that it won’t happen to them.