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We had a wonderful workshop yesterday afternoon.  During the workshop we discussed how social media has impacted our careers.  The great benefit of the workshop is that my thoughts clarified greatly during the workshop.  Speaking and answering questions helps both the presenters and the audience.  Questions force you to clarify your thinking.  Listening to the wonderful colleagues on the panel helps greatly also.

This is my list of the benefits I have gained through blogging:

  1. My writing has improved – because I write frequently.  As long as one reflects on their writing, it must improve through practice.  My blog is like a daily journal, but one that I share with the world.
  2. I think more about the implications of medical care delivery.  My blog often focuses on payment issues.  Because I blog I look for other bloggers, or newspaper or magazine articles that can stimulate my thoughts.  I know that I think often about these issues, because I am always looking for blogging topics.
  3. My ideas get refined, both through my writing, and more important through my excellent critics – you the readers.  A huge advantage of social media comes from the direct feedback that comments provide.  These comments make me think, and even sometimes change my opinions.
  4. Opportunities for other writing have greatly increased, including Medscape, editorials, and even an op-ed in USA today.  I could probably increase this even more if I worked at that aspect.
  5. My "brand" has developed.  I go to meetings and many people approach me telling me that they like my blog.  I interact with other bloggers and exchange ideas.
  6. My academic writing has prospered – often with ideas first offered on Medrants.

And blogging is fun.  I have a wonderful hobby that allows me to stand on a virtual soapbox in a virtual Hyde Park and shout.  And to my continued amazement, those shouts seem to matter.

Please read my colleagues' blogs – Katherine Chretien, Vinny Arora, Alex Smith and Eric Widera!

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Dr. Centor – I found your blog thanks to my national colleagues, Eric Widera and Alex Smith of GeriPal.  Glad to see that you're enjoying the new fun of social media.  I look forward to following your work and experiences here.  I often remember our days together back at UAB fondly.  I thought of you, my first general medicine attending as an intern, when I did my first stint as a gen med attending here at Duke last month.  Best – Lynn Bunch O'Neill

Thanks Bob. I enjoyed your session, and seeing you at the meeting as always.
I think the work you and others have done has certainly helped our organization move forward with modern communication. I have summarized some of this progress in a new blog started by the educational technology interest group ( I look forward to seeing more of the interactions we enjoy at the annual meeting move online in the near future thanks to you and your workshop colleagues.

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