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Those who follow me on Twitter know that I went to the beach to give a talk this week. On the trip down (4.5 hours) and back I listened to my trusty IPod Nano. While at the beach I took a first listen to Wilco (The Album).

These were the key observations from all that listening.

Wilco (The Album) – for sale this coming Tuesday – if you are a Wilco fan you have probably found the First Listen stream on NPR All Songs Considered. If you are like me, you are smiling. Jeff Tweedy is a genius. This might not be their best CD, but I think it will be highly ranked.

Veckatimest – Grizzly Bear – I had heard of this group, but had not really listened to them. My son, he of great musical taste, told me that I had to check it out. Wow! The songs grab you with their beauty and complexity. They are inventive, musical and have gorgeous voices. Read this review – Veckatimest. I will warn you that this music is complex and not related to top 40 pop.

The Seldom Seen Kid – Elbow – I had this CD on heavy rotation about 6 months ago but had forgotten it. On Wednesday night I was watching a music station and saw them perform One Day Like This. I really enjoyed the performance, and while driving remembered to listen to the CD again. I found myself singing along on at least 4 of the songs. Here is a good review – The Seldom Seen Kid

That Lonesome Song – Jamey Johnson – I rarely listen to Country – and this is country. Jamey Johnson has a classic country voice and tells stories that you know – but you still smile the way he tells the story. Only a country singer could write:

I tell you
The high cost of livin’
Ain’t nothing like the cost of livin’ high

These were the top 4. I am also listening to Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective – have not listened enough to be certain – but certainly beautiful thus far. I listened to Sophie Milman – Take Love Easy – great young female jazz singer.

Listening to Wilco while writing this post – they are really good.

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Haven’t heard the new Wilco yet, but will definitely check it out. The new Grizzly Bear I love and Animal Collective took a while to grow on me but is now one of my favorites.

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